Heart Check Tuesday 10 September 2019

Heart Check Tuesday 10 September 2019

There is a popular assumption in the society that it is a woman that leaves her parents to cleave to her husband. This assumption is further reinforced by the change of name, location, etc. However, the Bible says “a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh” (Genesis 2:24, NKJV).

It means that the man has to leave the government and influence of his both parents in order to establish a new government in partnership with his wife and every product of that new civilization must come from their relationship with God and each other. It becomes illegal for any other government to exert its influence them as that would be a trespass on the territorial integrity of the marriage.

Because your wife is a co-governor with you in this new space, she can determine who would operate under space. If she feels insecure because of the presence of somebody, she has a right to demand that the person leaves her space. This is not a sin; it is her right because it is her government!

This is what played out when Abraham went to seek God’s counsel on the issue of Hagar. God said to him, “Whatever Sarah has said to you, listen to her voice” (Genesis 21:12, NKJV).

A man might claim that “Because I am the head, all decisions must come from me,” he is not always right. And every time anyone violates the policy statement of God concerning the institution of marriage, he or she opens the door to darkness. Imagine what Abraham’s home would have looked like if Hagar remained there!

In fact, this accounts for the darkness that runs through polygamous homes wherever it is practised on the surface of the earth. It is a violation of the order of God.

From the makeup of a woman, there are many seasons in which she is going to feel insecure, one of which is the period of pregnancy. When her pregnancy gets to seven months and the delicate balance of her facial beauty is distorted, she would naturally feel that you would not like her again. Now, that’s when you ought to her the most and show it to her. Clear her doubts on that matter.

Besides, by reason of chemical equilibrium, she is most likely going to be short with patience during that period, and that is when your capacity in Christ Jesus must be enlarged to bear with her. She might even be reading unnecessary meanings into your innocent actions, making the situation appear as though she is studying you afresh and knowing you differently.

Imagine her complaining about your gentleness, change of her hairstyle, early rising from bed, etc. obviously, these are things you would likely do with good intentions, if at all you have intentions. However, in every period of insecurity, your objective should be to give Satan no place to take advantage of your marriage.

Is this true about your marriage or have you been allowing avoidable cracks and conceding space to the enemy? Remember, if you give the enemy a foothold, he will make a stronghold out of it.



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