Heart Check Tuesday 17 September 2019

Heart Check Tuesday 17 September 2019

Marriage is an institution that is God’s idea, not man’s idea. God has His perspective and principles on how marriage should function. And while it is possible for a man to violate God’ principles, it is impossible to get God’s results while doing so.

The first principle that is revealed concerning marriage in Ephesians 5 is that of mutual submission. The essence of this law is to be able to discern God in the lives of men.

*In the body of Christ, everyone has access to the Christos and the Christos can decide who He will activate and use as a mouthpiece to communicate His revelation.*

Daniel, Shedrach, Meshach and Abednego sought the Lord together to know the secret of the king Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, but the secret was revealed through Daniel.

Unfortunately, Zedekiah, carried away by his reputation as a ‘senior prophet,’ could not discern when God spoke through Micaiah and his refusal to submit to the counsel which Micaiah brought from the Lord became his undoing.

*Now, the big question is “Can you see God in your partner and submit to him or her?”*

Sometimes, you might find that your wife’s position on a matter is more accurate than yours; you should not be too proud to acknowledge it. Like Abraham, you should be humble enough to submit to the counsel that your wife reveals when she is in alignment in God – actually, it is not her that you are submitting to but God.

If you are not able to sense when God is speaking through your partner because you want to claim authority and control, you will miss the counsel of God many times. And every time you miss the counsel of God, you expose your family to the attack of the devil.

Rather than arguing with your partner, you should sincerely press in the place of prayers to know if it is God speaking through her. And if God knows that, as one who occupies the position of headship, you are sincerely seeking for wisdom to clarify whether a particular perspective is from Him, He will surely visit you.

Marriage is not for carnal people; yet, people look for carnal things in their partner before going into marriage. In fact, God uses marriage to strip us of our carnality and help us grow spiritually. *By discerning, acknowledging and submitting to God in your partner, your spiritual and human pride dies.*

Another significance of mutual submission is the reinforcement of trust. Of course, in marriage, there is no partnership without trust. When you submit to God in your partner, you are building trust in him or her. The devil will do everything possible to erode integrity and trust in order to quake the foundation of your marriage, but you just never give him a chance! Will you?



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