Heart Check Tuesday 24 September 2019

Heart Check Tuesday 24 September 2019

There is a way to marry and a place to marry from. As Christians, the Lord guides in choosing who to marry. Hence, unlike unbelievers, our options are not many in this matter; they are streamlined by the Holy Spirit.

We walk in the spirit by faith, and not in the flesh by sight. Issues like background should not scare you in making the decision of a life partner, especially if the leading and the intention of God is already known; rather, it should drive you to your knees to pray.

Another factor that you should be alert to and active in prayer about is that of family ancestry that you and your spouse comes from. Of course, this will help you to know the issues you need to deal with prayerfully and practically.

The place of prayers cannot be overemphasized. It is the engine room of the believer. Some people come from rich spiritual heritage while some are the first-generation Christians in their lineage. Consider the predominant factors evident in your families; they are prayer projects before you step into marriage.

Abraham lied about Sarah being his sister; Sarah strove against Hagar because of Ishmael. Isaac lied about Rebecca being his sister; Rebecca and Jacob were pitched against Esau and Isaac. Jacob lied to get Esau’s birthright; Rachel and Leah were pitched against each other. Jacob’s sons strove against Joseph and lied to Jacob that Joseph was dead. Although favoured with a great spiritual heritage which included covenant blessings and promises, two negative traits were very common in this history: deceit and strife.

David had a weakness for women; he committed adultery with Bathsheba. His son, Amnon, raped his daughter, Tamar. And Solomon, another son of his who succeeded him on the throne, married 700 wives and had 300 concubines. Royalty nonetheless, sexual sin and idolatry were worrisome factors that crippled the kings and princes.

In this woke generation where physical beauty and attraction are the order of the day, family issues are usually downplayed by singles. But Boaz asked to know Ruth’s lineage before matters of marriage even came to the fore.

As you consider your future, you must remember the first principle of all principles found in the opening lines of the Bible: “In the beginning, God.” Putting God first puts every other thing in place and puts you at rest. But whereas everyone wants a good marriage, only a few are willing to put God first and follow His instructions that produce loving, committed relationships.

Adam demonstrated this principle by first acknowledging the source of the creature that God presented to him before he called her a helpmeet. Acknowledging God first would birth instructions on how to maximize the position you have in Christ as a new creature. Remember, God reveals so that He can redeem us and our children.

Are under undue pressure to make decisions that will determine the fulfilment of God’s eternal purpose for your life? Are you yielding to the pressure or leaning on God?



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