Heart Check Tuesday 8 October 2019

Heart Check Tuesday 8 October 2019

According to the prophetic calendar of the Spirit, this is Nigeria’s time of focus in giving leadership to the body of Christ in God’s present revelation position. But given what we have now, we are in a crisis. Meanwhile, it is possible for God to bypass us and use another nation.

Given our position, it is important for believers to learn how to function in the immortal realm which is both legalistic and legislative in nature. For anything to be established in the realm, there is must be a legal premise for it.

For example, what Jesus did on the cross is a legal statement that satisfied the claims of divine justice. It is on the strength of Jesus’ sacrifice that the organic side of salvation could find expression and the Holy Spirit can now tabernacle in our hearts through faith in Christ Jesus.

Blood is one of the features that can sustain a representation in the immortal realm. Apart from the instance of Jesus’ sacrificial offering, this principle is also evident in the case of Cain and Abel. The cry of Abel’s blood ascended into the court of heaven and God was compelled to issue a judgement based on the memorial sustained by the blood.

A memorial is something that God cannot overlook because it constantly places a demand on the righteous nature of God.

When interfacing with a legalistic realm, there is an approach of a priesthood that you must sustain. You can’t afford to be ignorant of the protocols that operate in the realm. You must be well-schooled in the Scriptures to know what to draw upon to appear in court.

Remember that the Bible says that you should come with your strong reasons? That is why witnesses are required – they are able to make intelligent presentations on the account of their understanding of the nature of God which He cannot violate.

Abraham is a good example of a witness. When God confided in Abraham about His intention to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah if found guilty as charged, Abraham argued that God could not destroy the righteous with the wicked. “Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?” he reasoned. Abraham’s argument was so potent that God had to shift ground on account of it.

Abraham became the only man in Scriptures to affect God’s numbering system. Unlike the case of Gideon where the critical mass was invariably fixed at 300, Abraham, through understanding and stature in intercession, was able to negotiate with God to compromise the numbering system.

Like Abraham, some people are territorial preservatives. They are persons within the territory that have decided to subject themselves to the current dealings and sacrifices required to give God pleasure at a time. They function as the salt of cities and nations. On the strength of their presence, their respective cities and nations are preserved. Safety and security are guaranteed. Sodom and Gomorrah had no sufficient witness; hence, their destruction at that time.

When you see certain parts of our nation being overrun by terrorist groups, it is because the Church could not provide ‘salt men’ sufficiently in such lands. Even some seemingly habitable lands are now under threat because of the insufficiency of witnesses in the territory.

Part of our problem is that for a long time, the body of Christ in Nigeria has sustained the wrong idea of who a minister is. There is a different prototype of a minister that must arise now; one that is wise and understands the realm that he or she is here to represent. Priesthood and pastoring is not public speaking and motivation!

Are you God’s kind of minister? Would you be one?



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